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Edinburgh Literary Salon

By Kyle Bean (
By Kyle Bean (

This evening I am going along to a literary salon in Edinburgh to talk about 12 books in 12 months as part of a literary blog themed event.

I think this sounds rather grand for two reasons.

  1. If you know your history or have a Wikipedia tab open you’ll know salons started in 17th century France as a way to gather lots of very bright types to talk about literature and philosophy. 
  2. I have been known to read a few literary blogs, and they are often maintained by very knowledgable people, far better read than I, who discuss worthy books in a sensible way. 

Then there’s me, struggling for weeks to get through Life of Pi but cheerfully staying up all night to read George R. R. Martin in a hostel in Ljbljana.

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How Not To Network

Image by Doug Savage (

If you want to make it in a creative industry, I am told, you have to network.

Gone are the days of the reclusive author who is read but not seen; your Salingers, Pynchons and Becketts.  Writers must put themselves out there if they want support for their output, because contacts in the right places get you paid work.  I’ve even read in several places that if you want to be a hack or write comedy, you should find out where your favourite journalists, editors or producers drink then hang around the same pub till you get chatting.  Because that’s not creepy or weird, especially for those of us commuting from Edinburgh to London…

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