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Weekly Photo Challenge – A Day in My Life

This week’s photo challenge is to take you through a day in my life, so what follows is my Easter Sunday.  I have tried to allude to the fact that even though I didn’t write much yesterday, I though about stories and storytelling a lot – that is pretty much how I exist from day to day.  There are explanatory captions attached to these, and if you click on the first one you’ll get the pictures in an exciting slideshow.

How to Moderate Spam

CommentsBefore yesterday I had neglected the blog for quite a while, which meant a wealth of interesting spam comments awaited moderation when I signed in to upload a picture for Silent Sunday.  I thought I would respond to a selection, thus:

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Latitude 2011: A Review

The one in which I tell you about my holiday, as if you even remotely care.

On Thursday I travelled from Edinburgh to Suffolk (on the train via Peterborough and Norwich, route planning fans) to attend Latitude, a nice middle class festival for nice middle class people.  If you think that an unfair assessment, incidentally, witness the food van that had the longest queue of the weekend on the right hand side of this post…  Please correct me if I’m being condescending and people lined up for ages to access this van at T in the Park as well, though.

The nice thing about Latitude is that it tries to do something a bit different by not being a straightforward music festival.  Whilst there are three music stages, it also has tents dedicated to comedy, poetry, literature, theatre and cabaret which have arguably far better lineups than the music ones do.

For instance, here is what we saw over the weekend:

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