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Kittens in the Library (#blogmas day 8)

My recent trip to Manchester wasn’t purely dedicated to Christmas markets – we also went to the museum (where we met a dinosaur called Stan with the voice of Mark Radcliffe), and this sweet gothic library. Continue reading “Kittens in the Library (#blogmas day 8)”

Manchester Markets (#blogmas day 7 in theory)

Over the weekend I braved Storm Desmond to catch up with friends and family in Manchester and Leeds, which meant that I immediately stopped doing blogmas in favour of visiting 9 million Christmas markets and eating my body weight in cheese. But I did take some pictures of said markets. So here they are. Continue reading “Manchester Markets (#blogmas day 7 in theory)”

Interview: The Night Light

In today’s guest post I talk to Ben Godfrey and Nathan Connolly, some of the team behind The Night Light, an online arts magazine based in the fair city of Manchester.  Read on to find out about funding (or lack of), what they look for in submissions, and doing it yourself.

Continue reading “Interview: The Night Light”

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