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Joe Dunthorne

End of Books: The Return

“I’ve got an idea for your blog,” Bob said mysteriously at the office tea point one morning, “but I won’t tell you about it now, I’ll speak to you later.”

Then he vanished into the mist like he’d never been there at all.  Being as how I’m not much of a pre-10am person this was a little befuddling.  Why was our office so misty, and on a sunny day?  Still, an hour or two of putting together resource packs sorted me right out.  By the time he reappeared to expound on his idea, I was alert as a tack.

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Joe Dunthorne at Edinburgh Book Festival

This morning I went to my first reading of the Edinburgh Book Festival, where I was greeted at the Spiegeltent by a man wielding free coffee.  I have never been more pleased to see anyone – I really needed some coffee.  I didn’t realize how much until I tried to milk it with another jug of coffee, at which point someone asked me if I was there from The Scotsman.  I take heart that whoever is covering the book festival from there is as dazed and confused as I am first thing.

Suitably caffeined I sat down to await the arrival of the author, Joe Dunthorne (probably best known for his first novel, Submarine, which was made into a film this year starring Paddy Considine and Maria out of the Sarah Jane Adventures).  All around me people were reading; which is a truly beautiful thing but it made me feel like a bit of a freak because I was scribbling away in a notebook.  In red ink, no less.  I consoled myself with the fact that some of the best novels are written in red ink, even though I have no evidence to support such a statement.

Then the man himself appeared, optimistically clad in shorts, and explained a bit about the reading he was going to do from his new book, Wild Abandon.  The scene was based in a commune in the Gower in South Wales, he said, and contained a lot of different characters (as is the nature of such places).

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Edinburgh Blogger Meetup

Are you a blogger?  Do you read books?  Do you like to sometimes talk about those books online or even in person, with other humans?  Then golly goodness have I got a treat for you.

Tonight is the night of the first ever Edinburgh Book Festival blogger meet up, as detailed in a guest post from Bethany at Subtle Melodrama on Monday morning. I’m going along, although I don’t know if I really count as a book blogger.  I sometimes post photographs of books I’ve recently bought or read, but don’t generally review them – I’m too busy writing my own.  To be honest I think anyone who blogs is more than welcome to come, as long as they have a passing interest in reading.

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