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Words On The Street

Last week Terry Gilliam (yes, he of Monty Python, Brazil and Time Bandits fame – as if there could be another) visited Edinburgh to unveil a 10-metre long illuminated quotation from Miguel de Cervantes’ Don Quixote. As you do. Continue reading “Words On The Street”

Flash Forward..

.. to the present day.

Monday Story: S-I-N-E

Hands down the best graffiti I've ever seen

Today I present for your consideration another short story from last month.  The inspiration came from a bit of graffiti I noticed one day on my walk home from work.  I am a fan of graffiti, but I’ve got no idea what the deal is with this particular tag.  You see it all the time around Edinburgh, though.

I can see the concentration in his shoulders as he marks the last letter of his tag on the door.  He’s using silver marker pen to painstakingly write each letter, S-I-N-E.

In broad daylight.  Near a busy train station.

Something tells me he’s not a seasoned pro.

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Book Seven

This weekend, I have mostly been playing in the sunshine – as I’m sure you have too if you’ve got any sense.  Was this conducive to writing book seven?  Of course not.  But our flat is one of those Edinburgh specials; ice-on-the-inside-of-the-window-cold during winter and bone-meltingly-sauna-like as soon as there’s a hint of sunshine, so I doubt I’d have done any more if I’d remained indoors.  Sweat in places I didn’t know I had, perhaps.

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A Picture That Tells A Story

Quite a sad story, I think.  Who is Jacki, and who ‘mise’s her?  Suggestions welcome.

In other news, I will post some excerpts this week, probably starting on Wednesday.  I trust your hooks are suitably tentered.

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