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End of Year Review: The Plots

My festive stay in Perthshire sans graphics tablet has been prolonged, so the comic isn’t finished.  However, it’s a year to the day since I registered the 12 books in 12 months domain name, so it seems like a good time to reflect on how it’s gone.

With that in mind, American novelist Alison Walkley came across 12 books in November, and asked if there was a post explaining the plots of each book.

There is now.

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Live 12 Books Q&A

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Ever wanted to ask me a question about what it’s like to write 12 books in 12 months?

Maybe you want to know how much planning it takes, what music I listen to when writing, or my WPM?  Perhaps you want to read an excerpt, or find out what I plan to do after the 31st of December when the whole thing is over?

Well now you can, in a live Q&A session with The Edinburgh Reporter.  Assuming you have access to the internet, which you must do or you wouldn’t be reading this.

I’ll be online responding to your questions and comments tomorrow (Saturday October 15) from 10am – 11am.  To join in, all you need to do is go to the Edinburgh Reporter website and click on the link to the liveblog event.

If you want to be involved but can’t make that time, you can submit a question by email to, or on twitter using the hashtag #askaligeorge.

So that’s tomorrow, Saturday October 15, 10am – or at least that’s the time it will be here in Edinburgh.

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Writing Competition

The Guardian books blog has brought some pretty good things to my attention of late, not least the Mills and Boon New Voices competition.   The winner could well go on to literary stardom, or at least romance publication; and everyone who enters is given feedback on their first chapter – as Alison Flood discovered.

My first thought on reading this was to submit the first chapter of last year’s NaNoWriMo effort, which started life as an affectionate M&B parody.  But it was a short-lived thought, which lasted approximately up until the point where I re-read the thing.  The Single Mum’s Aristocratic Library Assistant has many fine qualities, but it is not stylistically appropriate for this contest.  I have copied and pasted below with a couple of minor edits so you can see what I mean…

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