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Check Yourself

Over the weekend, I posted something on social media that wasn’t OK.

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Four Favourite Rejections

As a writer you have to get used to rejection, even if you’re pretty good. ‘No’ doesn’t necessarily mean ‘give up, you terrible excuse for a human, and go live in a hole somewhere whilst you think about what you’ve done.’

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Should I Take A Writing Class?

Found this by googling ’30 Rock Teapot’… From

Although I’ve written stories since I was a kid, I’ve never felt the need to take a course in writing.

I studied English until second year of university, and there were elements of creative writing throughout school, but the main focus was always on work by other people.

This was never really an issue for me because I’ve always maintained that you learn by doing, so I spend a lot of my time reading, writing and then reading and writing a bit more.  Then watching fifteen episodes of 30 Rock back to back with a pot of tea.

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How to Blog

My name is Ali and I’ve been blogging for ten years.

I am him.

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Slightly too long for a #WIP (a thing on Twitter where you post 140 characters worth of a work in progress to get feedback) so thought I would post it here.

Just heard that my order to let Sextus Papinius go was somehow misconstrued as “execute him.”  Honestly, communications in this place are a nightmare. I’m not being racist, but I think it’s because there are slaves from all over the empire and frankly a lot of their Latin is absolutely appalling.  Anyway, long story short, Papinius is no more.

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