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Happy Holidays

I am taking the weekend off, as I’m sure you are too, to watch Game of Thrones and read books and eat chocolate. This is what public holidays are for.  However, if you want something else to entertain you, why not try online Madlibs?  Yeah, you read right, Madlibs.  Remember them?  That may depend how old you are… but basically you stick in a bunch of verbs and adjectives and the like and it rewrites a piece of literature for you, like Hamlet’s third soliloquy:

To be, or not to admire, – that is the chocolate;
Whether ’tis nobler in the magic to suffer
The slings and kittens of tasteless fortune,
Or to take eggs against a sea of eggs,
And by giving end them. To die, – to compete, –
No more; and by a compete to say we end
The turkey and the five billion natural shocks
That flesh is taxidermist to, – ’tis a raven
suddenly to be wish’d. To die, – to compete,-
To compete! perchance to precede! ay, there’s the popcorn;
For in that compete of death what muffins may come
When we have radiated off this raspy coil,
Must give us jellybabies….

It’s hours of literary fun, I tell you – not to mention, like, totally wacky.

Helpful Resources

Further to my Procrastination? post, I thought it only fair to put up some more links to interesting sites you can read on the internet instead of writing 12 books in 12 months.  I like to think that reading people’s websites is a bit like people watching, ergo totally like researching characterisation.

Well, I didn’t think of it like that til about ten seconds ago, but it sort of makes sense actually.  Anyway, get your eyeholes around the following:

Billygean – a very funny and open blog about living with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.  The writing in this is excellent – there’s no sort of ‘oh, poor me’ stuff to make you feel uncomfortable, rather it’s warm and engaging and often very funny.

Pictures for Sad Children – webcomics.  Funny webcomics.

Dystopian Fuschia – a bit like my Daddy Long Legs site, this has all kinds of bits and pieces on it.  The focus is humorous comment on telly.  Not for those who like Russell Howard, though.

Hope you like these, and have a nice Easter weekend.  I will be writing a bit (1,747 words done so far today), but I’m not sure how much.  This is at least in part because I have Stuff To Do.

To elaborate, for no very good reason, tonight I’m heading out to the Cameo Cinema’s second night of horror (which will run from 11pm till around 7am tomorrow); then getting the train over to Fife tomorrow to have a picnic in the rain with my family.   Sleep is for the weak, after all.

Oh, and I’ll have to watch the first episode of Doctor Who anywhere between one and several times.  Well, those sci fi and fantasy novels are due any day now…

A Night of Writing Dangerously

For various reasons, some of which I mentioned in the second 12 Books post for Mslexia Magazine, I am very behind on book 3.  I have therefore decided to embark upon a night of writing dangerously.

Between midnight tonight and noon tomorrow I am going to write as much as I can without my brain exploding.  It’ll be exactly like what Jack Kerouac would do, except my wife won’t bring me pea soup and I don’t have a typewriter so I’ll have to make do with a laptop, a jar of coffee and half an Easter Egg.

You can follow my progress on Twitter @12books12months, if you’re up.

See you on the other side…

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