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Weekly Photo Challenge – Foreshadow

The prompt for this week is foreshadow.  So far there are lots of incredible entries showing gathering clouds before the storm, this thoughtful one about growing up… and now, my take.  I’ve actually got two, because why the heck not.  First, the opening to the excellent children’s book Howl’s Moving Castle by Diana Wynne Jones.  This foreshadows some of what is about to happen to lead character Sophie.


And second, my newest notebook (bought on Friday when I went into Paperchase for a birthday card…).  This foreshadows a trip I’m taking to Canada and the US in October, for which  I figured I’d need a beautiful notebook to write my adventures down in.  Perhaps said adventures will be the foundation for another children’s book in the vein of Howl – so that makes this picture a double foreshadow!  Or something.


Not-Quite-Half-Way Evaluation

Last night at around 11.15pm I decided that it was time to call it quits on book five and get myself some sleep.  I battered out a few paragraphs to remind myself what I wanted the last couple of chapters to entail, and set about organising my packed lunch for work.  Tuna salad, for those who are nosey about such things…

The word count stands at 30323, and I think it’ll end end up around 36,000 by the time the first draft is finished.  This means that overall this year, I’ve written 165,585 words of fiction across 151 days.  That averages out at 1096.6 words per day, although there have been days when I haven’t written anything at all, and a few when I’ve done 10k in one go.  Averages, dear reader, are relative.

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