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Check Yourself

Over the weekend, I posted something on social media that wasn’t OK.

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You Are Not A Writer: Why Opinion Matters

Another guest post from Lucy Redland, who also wrote a post about the pros and cons of getting a literary agent in a post a few weeks back.

Over the last decade or so, it seems as if there has been an explosion in the numbers of writing courses and workshops available. From postgraduate degrees to courses run in local libraries, everyone can take a writing course now.  But does that mean everyone can be a writer?

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Constructive Criticism

I’ve had some weird spam in my time, which stands to reason when you have as many blogs as I do.  But I’ve never had anything particularly cheeky before.  Till now!

‘Vacation International Travel’ left me a comment yesterday which I found a little hard to take.  It was left on the post about the Mills and Boon writing competition, where I mentioned they are opening their arms to new romance writers, and shared the first chapter of last year’s NaNoWriMo effort (a romance of sorts entitled The Single Mum’s Aristocratic Library Assistant). 

I’m all in favour of constructive criticism on my work, but when it comes from a bot it feels a little harsh.  It was pretty long as well, so I have deconstructed it as follows:

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