Hello there, internet. I am here to ask you a favour. Awkward, but I guess we always knew this day would come.

Fortunately it’s not to spend any cash on my forthcoming book (I remain unagented and unpublishered since last we spoke). It’s simply that if you enjoy my posts, or have ever found them useful, please could you take a couple of minutes to vote for me in this year’s UK Blog Awards? And perhaps ask all your friends and loved ones to do likewise if you’re feeling decadent.

You do this by clicking this button thing, giving them your name and email address, and selecting the ‘arts and culture’ category.

Vote for me now in the UK Blog Awards #UKBA16

Many other blogs are available, so if you like them better please vote for them instead. But don’t feel like you have to tell me that’s what you did.

Voting closes on Monday 25th January at 9pm, so feel free to wait until 8.59pm to inject a frisson of danger into proceedings. Or just do it now – I’m not going to tell you how to exercise your democratic right to vote per se, just saying that you probably should.