This week I have resolved to find and protect a little bit of creative writing time every day. I’m off to a flying start…


7.40am realise I have slept through my alarm. Decide writing time will be in the evening.

5.45pm arrive home from work. Read a good article (via Twitter) about writing – 4 signs that you’re not writing enough and 4 things you can do about it – and resolve to crack on with things.

6.05pm wash a load of dishes

6.20pm decide that whilst I am doing said dishes I might as well research some book vloggers on the YouTube. I hear video blogs are all the rage these days and am concerned I am behind the times.

6.25pm decide to go with the Lizzie Bennett Diaries, which is apparently used by school teachers doing Pride and Prejudice these days and is generally a good and popular thing on the Internet and in the field of education.

8.50pm realise I have watched 25 episodes of the Lizzie Bennett diaries and done no writing or editing. NB – the only reason I notice this is because my other half arrives home and interrupts me.

9pm he puts on Doctor Who (The Face of Evil, if you’re curious – it’s a Tom Baker one involving lots of manly RADA thighs). I pretend to write a blog post, but am actually on Twitter catching up on feminist music to listen to this June.

11pm notice I smell very strongly of onions. Probably because at some point during the YouTube experience I made a load of onion soup.

11.05pm write blog post on my phone.

Maybe I’ll do better tomorrow…