Yesterday’s post has been rendered slightly redundant by the fact that the writing classes I was looking at are all full.  That’s what happens when you haver…  However, I’ll be more on the ball for the next round. Thanks to everyone who left me advice, you’re all stars!

In the meantime, can you access Glasgow with ease?  Do you like listening to stories?  Well then you should head along to The Old Hairdressers tomorrow (Thursday 13th) at 7pm to hear the recording of Outside Thoughts, a short story podcast.  The very first story, Je Ne Regrette Rien, was written by me and is being performed by ‘a great young actress’ according to the people behind the project, which I’m sure you will agree is excitingly cryptic.

Unfortunately I have a prior engagement (seeing A Dream on a Midsummer’s Night as performed by the wondrous Wee Stories in Portobello) so I will have to listen online later, and of course I will stick up a link when it goes live – but if you want to soak up the ambience as it happens then you should very much do so.  It’s only £2!

Find Outside Thoughts on Twitter @ShortFictionPod and on Facebook here.