Wednesday will shortly be interview / guest post day again, but in the meantime here are some links of interest.  They are predominantly writing related but everyone in the world should watch the video at the bottom.

I interviewed novelist and comedian ALKennedy for IdeasTap (which is a useful resource with lots of features and funding opportunities).

YA author Celia Rees talks about book tours – including what to do when you’ve got a captive audience who don’t seem that interested – on An Awfully Big Blog Adventure.

This post on BubbleCow highlights some statistics about writers’ salaries. Lucrative it ain’t.

Plot Help
Poet Joel Stickley, of How to Write Badly Well has devised a series of downloadable charts to help you plot your story / folktale / SF / Historical Romance.  You’ll never need to think up another idea by yourself.

I am re-posting this short film after seeing it on Gin and Lemonade (who just got engaged! Congratulations!).  I can’t recommend it highly enough.