Today I planned to write and write and write.  Look, this is my ready to write face.  I have to wear my glasses when writing these days because staring at a computer screen for such long periods of time makes my contact lenses angry.

Course I’ve not quite managed to actually write anything yet, and I have a Skype date with my sister in Canada at 4pm and a trip to see Josie Long‘s Fringe show at 7pm…

Still, I’ve got a couple of hours, so I’m going to see how much I can get done in that time.  And I’m blogging as I go, because I can.  I’ve even included a run up to this point in time.  Because procrastination is the key to creativity.  Or something.

8.30 – Wake up, but am determined to stay in bed for a lie-in.  Didn’t get to bed till 1am y’see.  Was celebrating my friend’s birthday by drinking alcohol and getting rained on.  Such is summer in Edinburgh.

10.30 – Grudgingly get up.  Watch rolling BBC news of Tottenham for a bit whilst also trying to read The Jennifer Morgue by Charles Stross.  What a combination.

11.00 – Go online and read various social networking sites and blogs.

11.15 – make eggy bread/french toast.  Burn my hand.  The pain is unreal, it’s pretty amazing I can still type.

11.30 – Channel hop, taking in bits of Yes, Prime Minister, America’s Next Top Model and Supersize Vs Superskinny – which has an interesting segment on anorexia which is useful for my book – what is this future society’s take on anorexia?  I think the very thin would be shunned as much as the obese…

12.00 – Watch the episode of Blackadder where he falls in love with ‘Bob’

12.00 – Do the dishes whilst sort of listening to the episode of Blackadder about the Dictionary

12.45 – Shower

13.00 -Take photos of my coffee to use in a liveblog about writing process.

13.05 – Drink my coffee.

13.10 – Faff, consider blogging, take more photos to use in post about liveblogging…

13.20 – Upload pictures from camera to computer.

13.30 – Half read Twitter and half watch an episode of Fawlty Towers (the one with Bernard Cribbins in)

14.00 – Start writing this blog post instead of writing any of my book.

14.09 – My word count is currently 1539.  Decide to beat this.

14.14 – Realise that in order to achieve this goal I will need to write some words.

14.35 – Other half threatens to spend some quality time with me. Send him packing.

14.54 – Word count is now a whopping 2033…

15.17 – 2661 words. A nosy neighbour and a sore knee enter the frame.  Bet you’re on tenterhooks.

15.20 – eat some oatcakes. It’s because I am Scottish.

15.54 – totally blank out the word ‘humble’. Have to look up ‘humility’ to work out what the root is.

15.56 – Word count is 3545.  2006 words and just about time for the aforementioned Skype date.  Not bad, but had hoped to reach 4ooo… faffing 1, Ali 0.

16.16 – We’re on messenger not Skype so I can write a bit at the same time… 3857 words…

16.23 – 3900…

16.27 – 4004! Now to look up bus times and go for tea with my chums.  What a whirlwind this has been.  Tune in tomorrow for further wacky adventures in word counts.