This has been a procrastinating sort of day.  I’ll tell you for why.

My plan was to get up early and head to the EIFF press screening of The Troll Hunter, but I didn’t manage to pull it off.  It’s been a busy week, and frankly I was too tired to be at the Filmhouse for 9am.

I managed to get up at 9.30 to make a cup of tea and edit/publish a couple of articles on The Edinburgh Reporter, which was quite promising.  Then I thought, I know, I shall post a video on the 12 Books in 12 Months blog that might make readers laugh, which was this sketch from the TV version of Horrible Histories:

But then I got horrendously distracted by watching loads of other HH clips and posting them to people’s Facebook pages so that they would be distracted too.  If I’m not working, ain’t nobody working.  I also ordered the first two series on DVD from What? It’s educational…

Then I remembered that someone on Twitter had sent me a link to a talk done by Andy Stanton, of whom you should have heard if you read this blog on a regular basis cause I go on about him all the time.  So I sat and watched that, which was almost like research because it’s what I’ll have to do in the event of getting published.  You can see it too if you like, here.

Course after I watched that, I noticed Twitter was still open in another tab, so I clicked onto it again and found a link to a Guardian interview with Caitlin Moran, who is another person I aspire to write like (is there a gap in the market for a cross between her and the author of Mr Gum? Probably).  It was about her new book, which sounds quite interesting, so I returned to Play and ordered that as well because that website is cheap and I am still employed till July 8th so I should increase my collection of material goods whilst I still can.

Then I felt bad about neglecting book six in favour of internet facilitated retail therapy and (somewhat ironically) typed ‘journalism’ into Play to see if there was anything that might help me research said book further.  I’ve only heard back from three of the hacks that agreed to talk to me and I’m loathe to nag given they’re busy people with lives, and it’s only a first draft – I figure can bully them later.  Anyway Andrew Marr’s one was less than £2 so I ordered that too.

THEN I remembered a conversation with my brother and sister which included reminiscing about a comedy TV show we used to watch starring Stewart Lee and Richard HerringThis Morning With Richard Not Judy.  Inexplicably they had forgotten Histor’s Eye, a segment where two puppet crows (Histor and Pliny) taught children about history, and Pliny kept coming up with torturous bird related puns.  So naturally I got on a search engine to link them to it.  At which point a comment crossed my field of vision that Stewart Lee has put both series of TMWRNJ on his website!  So I had to watch that for a bit.

All of which was very tiring, so I relaxed by copying some CDs (A Soup Named Stew, The Lovely Eggs and Vessels) onto the computer because my iPod could do with being a bit fuller.  And watched some trailers for the new muppet film, and an anime episode of Doctor Who.  Oh, and this gif.

In theory lazy Saturdays are fine.  In fact I’d go so far as to say you should have a day off from time to time – but it was not the plan I had for today.  And now it’s getting late, and I have to go for a curry and to see the X-Men film with the other half, because tonight I was supposed to be having a break from all the stuff.  Sorry, word count.  I’ll try again later.