I have just spent what feels like several days trying to work out how to make a button to link this blog to the Facebook Page.  After all, ‘likes’ means prizes.  By which I suppose I mean statistics.

During this difficult time I discovered that I could not use a WP plugin because I have a .com account as opposed to a .org – there is an article explaining that here if you’re interested.  I also re-discovered a fact that you probably already know, namely that Facebook is impossibly annoying.  It flatly refused to let me use the inbuilt share tool as the 12 Books page, which means that this post may or may not automatically appear on my personal profile, which is not the plan I had.

To cut a long story short, I used the widgets menu to make my own share button – click on the picture at the top of the side bar (currently a cowboy hat) and it will take you to visit Mr Zuckerberg.  I am conscious that people don’t want to be spammed into next Christmas, so I don’t really update the FB more than a few times a week.  This means that if you do choose to ‘like’ me, your stalkerfeed will not be taken over by 12 Books updates.

In other news, the tale of Victor McGlynn is taking shape in my mind, but writing has yet to commence.  It will do later on today, once I’ve attended to a few other chores.  And I think it might be quite good.