In which some of the theatre staff begin exploring ‘what-ifs’.


“Yeesh,” Kieran shuddered, “stuck in quarantine with Mrs S.”

“Yeah,” Lauren replied, relishing the moment, “for six months at least.  And then they’ll have to burn the place down because they just can’t risk the rest of the town being affected.”

“Why is this town so important, then?”

“It’s the last remaining outpost of civilization,” she responded instantly.  “The rest of the world has been completely wiped out by the bug, but Auchtergowrie was safe… until Harriet selfishly went on a secret trip to see if she could find any supplies, and she brought it back with her.”

“That’s a lot to have happened during one performance of the four man Pirates of Penzance.”

“These things move quickly.  Stop to think about anything, and you’re dead.”