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Look, a twelve books twin!  It’s like when you go to a foreign country and there’s a town that has the same name as yours…

Canadian writerer Sandra O’Driscoll started her 12 books project last June.  The more mathematically minded of you will be able to work out that means she is still going.  And that means as I tail off and start blethering about other things, there is still someone on the internet whose brain is slowly melting from all the words they have to do.  Hooray!

Wednesday Story

I don’t have a guest post for you today, so instead you shall have another story.  This one was written for Emily Dodd, who said “You know those dog multi-leads? Well a man used to come into my bedroom with wolves on a multi-lead or sometimes… sharks. The sharks swam in air. Thankfully it hasn’t happened for 20 years or so, he’s probably working in Disney land (:” Enjoy.

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Once Upon A Time, there was a little boy called Bartholomew Benjamin Crannington-Hill, a name he had inherited from Irish-American parents along with a small leather suitcase and a pair of green and white striped pyjamas.  Unfortunately those were the only things he had to remember them by, for Mr and Mrs Crannington-Hill tragically died at sea when their son was only a baby.

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