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Merry Christmas, Bonaparte Cuckooclock

IMG_9618Happy holidays, everyone! I wrote you another story with the help of the Benedict Cumberbatch name generator. Hope you enjoy it.

Once Upon A Time there was a lad of eight years who went by the name of Bonaparte Cuckooclock.

He lived in a hollowed out tree in an enchanted forest, but he didn’t see anything unusual in that for it was the only life he had ever known – and a very fine life it was too, dining on cherry blossom and morning dew and never having to go to school.

Note to any younger readers: do not try to subsist on a diet of cherry blossom and morning dew.  You’ll make yourself spectacularly unwell – Bonaparte was a character in a story, and as such his digestive tract was subject to the whims of the author.  You are, one assumes, a human child and as such you need to eat heartier foodstuffs like jam sandwiches and pickled eggs and all those other lovely things children like to eat. Feel free to leave a list in the comments.

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In The Beginning

With page 1 and 2 I have got ahead of myself, so now, a flashback.  Baby falcon’s handler is based on my friend Ari, who is rather perfectly a writer and falconer by trade.  Have a look at her blog to find out more..

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