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Foreshadows: Changing the way we read

Every so often, someone comes along and tries to change the way we do things.

This is particularly relevant in the world of the written word.  When some genius decided to go from cave paintings to papyrus scrolls* there was uproar in the publishing industry.  Nobody had done it before and so nobody could envision doing it differently, but now we wouldn’t read our ancient Egyptian texts any other way.  Similarly at the time of William Shakespeare, nobody gave a toss about fixed spelling (Bill spelt his name in several different ways) but these days we’re always getting ourselves worked up about kids using text speak instead of proper English.

Obviously we’ve had a lot of chat about the digital revolution on this blog, what with the Great Kindle Challenge and asking almost all interviewees for their thoughts on eBooks and such.  But what is the next evolutionary step in reading experience?  I’m glad you asked.

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Book 2 Completed (sort of…)

I have successfully reached the word count for Book 2, and although the story isn’t finished I am optimistic that when I come back to it after writing another ten books I’ll be able to make it into something pretty good.  50,016 words in 28 days – not too bad!

Tried to watch Wild Wild West last night, ostensibly as research for March’s book.  Stopped paying attention about half way through though – it’s pretty dreadful.  Although I still quite like the idea of a steampunk Western in principle. Maybe I could make the concept work…?

I’m going to be guest blogging about the project for Mslexia magazine over the next few months, which is quite exciting.  I’ll do my best not to repeat things that you read on this page, although naturally there will be a certain amount of overlap!  You can read the first article here.

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