Yesterday I chummed my other half to a BBC Comedy Writers’ Workshop at Potterow.  I wouldn’t describe myself as a comedy writer per se, but book nine is down as being humour and any help is welcome.  I’m not sure what it will entail – probably pictures of animals with whimsical captions.

It being a rainy Tuesday, the event was only about 2/3 full.  It took place in a tent with a lovely star cloth ceiling which kept getting lighter and dimmer on a constant loop and there were also chandeliers, because the beeb likes to spend our license fee on grandeur.

Unfortunately we arrived right as the names of the panel were being read out, so I don’t know exactly who they all were.  Hopefully this high quality iPhone picture will help you to identify, from left to right: a writer called John who started out by sending a couple of sketches to producers he liked, Caroline who commissions stuff for Radio 4, Sarah Millican, James Cary, Jane who is from some sort of production company, and one of the guys who is in charge of NewsjackContinue reading “BBC Comedy Writers’ Workshop: An Overview”