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Alternative Walking Tour at Edinburgh Fringe 2014

Things are about to get seriously busy in Edinburgh, as the 2014 Fringe Festival is nearly upon us. This year my partner, who is variously a freelance writer, poet, stand up and poor person, has taken it upon himself to write and perform two shows as part of the free Fringe. One is a spoken word show called Knife Whimsy, taking place at George Next Door. Continue reading “Alternative Walking Tour at Edinburgh Fringe 2014”

You’re Scottish, Fry Something

There are a few things that fall behind when you’re writing 12 books in 12 months.  One is housework in non-communal areas (all surfaces in our bedroom, including sections of the floor, are strewn with detritus, 75-90% of which is probably mine although it’s hard to get an accurate reading without conducting a proper excavation); and another is eating sensibly.

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