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The Book Blogger Files #1 – Roof Beam Reader

There are approximately 8 zillion trillion gillian book blogs on the internet – but how do you know whether the reviews on there will actually match your own tastes?  I figured one way might be to find out a little bit more about the people writing them.  This is why I now present The Book Blogger Files – a series of interviews with the mysterious literary enthusiasts behind the keyboards.  First up, freelance essayist and creative writer Adam Burgess, also known as Roof Beam Reader (the name is a reference to a story by J.D.Salinger).

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How Not To Network

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If you want to make it in a creative industry, I am told, you have to network.

Gone are the days of the reclusive author who is read but not seen; your Salingers, Pynchons and Becketts.  Writers must put themselves out there if they want support for their output, because contacts in the right places get you paid work.  I’ve even read in several places that if you want to be a hack or write comedy, you should find out where your favourite journalists, editors or producers drink then hang around the same pub till you get chatting.  Because that’s not creepy or weird, especially for those of us commuting from Edinburgh to London…

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