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52 Book Covers (+2) – Interview with Aurora Cacciapuoti

Aurora Cacciapuoti is a Sardinian illustrator currently based in Cambridge.  She splits her time between running art workshops and working as a freelance illustrator.  Whilst I was writing 12 books last year (or 1,667 words a day) she was drawing 365 faces (or 1 face a day).  You can see them all on her tumblr page.

This year Aurora has a new project, to create 52+2 book covers. I asked her a few questions about what she finds inspiring about books.

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A Pretty Picture

Further to my news that a short story I wrote is to be featured in Beyond the Horizon, a collection by Bamboccioni Books due out towards the end of July, I’ve been given permission to share the front cover with you. I think it’s rather lovely.  Makes me feel a little fraudulent though – my story is a bit silly and would probably be more in tune with a raggedy illustration by Quentin Blake.  Still, it makes me look good, so I’m not complaining!

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