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Weekly Photo Challenge: Illumination

I had a few ideas for this, but then I forgot to do them sooo… Here is what I came up with for ‘illumination’ in my flat this evening!  Click here to see posts from other persons.


‘There is nothing,’ she said, ‘as wondrous to me

As sitting with you, and a nice cup of tea!’

But when they broke up, a year or so after

Her booby trapped cup gave him hours of laughter.

The Red Bee (International Short Story Day)

The shortest night of the year means a Merry International Short Story Day to one and all!  I have written a little story in celebration. it is about a bee.  Sorry, the text on the image is hard to read in places unless you look at it quite closely (I was going to do an illustration rather than a photoshopping but didn’t have time, alas), so I’ve put a transcript after the jump.

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Great King Street

I was going through half finished word documents from last year (there are a fair few with beginnings of characters and ideas started then abandoned) and found this.  It’s a poem I wrote for my brother in December which I considered making into a picture book before I got into the falcon idea.  Maybe I’ll get it done this year, though.  In fact, maybe I’ll do a collection of story-poems based on Edinburgh streets and illustrate the whole thing… if you think that idea has legs, please leave a comment!

The background to this one is that my brother and I were crossing Great King Street in Edinburgh and both slipped on a wee patch of black ice.  However, the temperature was a balmy 6 or 7 degrees and there was no ice or snow or anything anywhere else – so naturally we got suspicious.  Why was that bit icy, when everywhere else was fine?  Clearly the answer was magic.

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