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Silent Sunday


Silent Sunday

28 Drawings Later – Day 28

And so it is the 28th of February, which means the end of 28 Drawings Later for this year (the clue is in the name, people).  What with one thing and another the past few days have been really quite annoying (crisis of confidence during book five editing and Ryanair are the main culprits, here) but it has genuinely cheered me up to look at the photo gallery of other people’s 28 drawings on the facebook page.  I particularly enjoyed the dude who just posted about twenty pictures of Pokemon in one go – what a legend.

My last piece is a digital one, a flyer idea for the show.  I drew it freehand in the sense that I drew it straight into PhotoShop using my super cool graphics tablet… So it’s not exactly cheating.  It’s pretty purple, though.

Day 28 - Flyer

How To Spend Ages Photoshopping A Falcon

It is 1.27am and I am about to go to bed, having spent the evening drawing and yet failing to finish another page of my hawk comic.  Below is one of the panels for your information / proof that I have actually been doing something.  I also had a few* photos to upload to the computator from Kid Canaveral’s Christmas Baubles, some of which can be found here.

The main lesson I have learned from this book so far is that I can’t draw, work and sleep – there aren’t enough hours in the day.  Still, they say sleep is for the weak…**

*couple of hundred.  I did not upload them all, as many were poor.

** who are ‘they’? And what on earth were they thinking?! I’m awful without sleep.  Night night.

Interview: John Allison

I am mixing things up a bit and putting this week’s guest post up today.  After all, if you can’t go a little crazy at Christmas, you might as well be a lobster (or other secular life form / member of a non-Christian religion).  Also I had quite a manic weekend so I haven’t drawn anything…

Please put your hands together for the very talented web comicker John Allison, creator of Bad Machinery and Scary Go Round.

John Allison
image by @deadlyknitshade

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