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Sci-Fi Suggestions

I have to go back to work tomorrow, after a full 12 days off.  That’s 12 whole days where I have not written a word of any of my 12 books. How apt.

There may come a time (I’m guessing Sunday) that I feel guilty as hell for such negligence, but right now I’m confident it was The Right Thing To Do – for my sanity and for the sake of the project. Plus:


Admittedly four are aimed at young children, which I am not, and are very short.  Also I actually started One Good Turn quite some time ago, so technically only read half of it during the 12 day period… but the thought of having had the time to read six books makes me happy.

Now I must get back into the habit of writing them.

You may remember that the fast approaching month of August is dedicated to sci-fi, for which I have a concept that is actually rather dark, but potentially a bit good.  As ever I have yet to name any of the characters, and if you have any suggestions for classics of the genre I should have a look at please leave a comment (either containing a title or cliff notes on the text) below.

The Science of Sleep

The question people ask me most frequently in relation to this project is “when do you find the time to sleep?”

This query is generally delivered with an air of shock or mild amusement, but I can assure you it is no laughing matter.  I am deeply and bitterly resentful of any sleep denied me, be it resultant of my own machinations or those of my enemies.  And these days, what with one thing and another, I miss out on a lot of sleep.

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