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Seen Any Good Fringe Lately?

Today I went to the first of Inky Fingers’ minifest readings, featuring The Life and Times of an Edinburgh Monster (an historical presentation of sorts) and a poetry reading.  You may remember last week I had a guest post about the first of these, prompting a shout out for other people with interesting events to come forth with more promotional posts.  I’ve had a few responses (four in total, since you asked) but there’s room for more if you’re interested.  In the meantime, a couple of photos from today:

An Historian interviewing Beverly Horndom on why the Edinburgh Monster should not be allowed to work in a bank.

Historian speaks to Pastel Maybe III about the catastrophic climbing trip which saw 16 men killed on Arthur’s Seat.

Mairi Campbell-Jack (who tweets as @lumpinthethroat) reading some of her poetry.

Literary Edinburgh at the Fringe

This week I had a guest post called Thar Be Monsters, about a comical literary event happening at the Forest Cafe on Monday as part of the Inky Fingers Minifest, which is just one of approximately 8000 festivals happening in Edinburgh this summer.  It can be hard to decide what to do to in amongst all the comedy, music, theatre, dance, literature, poetry, spirituality, politics and bag-piping due to take place, but posts like that one can help the discerning viewer make up his or her mind.

To that end, I would like to take this opportunity to say that if you are doing something as part of one of the festivals and you’d like a platform to tell people about it, you should get in touch about doing a guest post on the blog.  You can email me on or leave a comment below, on facebook, or on twitter.

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Inky Fingers Minifest (Thar be Monsters)

I have received the following missive on the subject of the very first performance at the Inky Fingers Mini Festival.  It sounds entertaining, and I for one will be heading along to find out more.


On Monday the 8th of August at half past of the twelve, in the downstairs boudoir of The Forest Cafe, in Edinburgh, comma, myself and Mr James Anderson (Apprentice Tailor) shall be performing unto you a historical presentation regarding – I just saw a chicken, go me – a historical presentation regarding an unexplored nugget in the Edinburghian Fish’n’Chip Emporium that is Time.

‘The Life and Times of an Edinburgh Monster’ is a title that, in hindsight, gives away quite a lot.

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