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golden hour

Weekly Photo Challenge – The Golden Hour

According to the folks over at The Daily Post, Golden Hour is the first hour of sunlight of the day and the last one before sunset.  I checked when these occur in Edinburgh at the moment, and it was a choice between being up at 5am or going out around 9pm.  No prizes for guessing which one I chose…

low light

Edinburgh Blogger Meetup

Are you a blogger?  Do you read books?  Do you like to sometimes talk about those books online or even in person, with other humans?  Then golly goodness have I got a treat for you.

Tonight is the night of the first ever Edinburgh Book Festival blogger meet up, as detailed in a guest post from Bethany at Subtle Melodrama on Monday morning. I’m going along, although I don’t know if I really count as a book blogger.  I sometimes post photographs of books I’ve recently bought or read, but don’t generally review them – I’m too busy writing my own.  To be honest I think anyone who blogs is more than welcome to come, as long as they have a passing interest in reading.

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