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Put the lime in the coconut

I just filled my hair with coconut oil on the advice of RocknRoll Bride. I smell completely amazing, and I’m sorry you can’t all come and smell me. The only thing stopping me from eating my own hair at this point is the fact that I think it’s one of those things, like chewing gum, that stays in your intestines for a hundred years. Also it’s quite difficult to ingest more than a strand at a time, which is very time consuming. Continue reading “Put the lime in the coconut”

Why I Write

Day 003 - Shame
J'accuse! © Marc-Andre Lariviere

A shocking guest post from The Rogue Verbumancer, who some of you may know as @Glempy from the twitter.

I shall endeavour to make a point.

I shall invariably fail.

Are we all sitting comfortably? Then let’s begin.

Before I go any further I’ve a confession to make: I am a horrible, horrible fraud. I offered to do a guest post here at 12 books and was ready to dive headlong into all manner of topics. But alas, I cannot. The guilt is just too much. You see, I’m not actually a writer.

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