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Interview: Steve Augarde

Steve Augarde is an author, illustrator and paper engineer who has written four novels for older kids and over 70 picture books for younger ones.  He also provided the artwork and music for Bump the Elephant, a cartoon you may remember if you were a small person or parent in the early 1990s.  I spoke to him about designing pop up books, 30 years of writing for children, and the possibility he may be responsible for electronic birthday cards…

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28 Drawings Later – Days 5 and 6

Two in one again today. The first one isn’t technically a drawing I suppose, but never mind. It’s an experiment with the text from the story.

Day 5

And today’s effort is a set of quick character sketches for the youngest, prettiest daughter.  When you put ‘pretty’ into flickr or google image search you get a lot of loose waves and enormous eyes.  Combine this with my tendency to draw people in an overly cartoony style and this is the sort of thing you get.  I think this is exacerbated by using photos, so at some point this month I will endeavour to draw from life…  But not on this day.

Day 6 - The Daughter

How To Spend Ages Photoshopping A Falcon

It is 1.27am and I am about to go to bed, having spent the evening drawing and yet failing to finish another page of my hawk comic.  Below is one of the panels for your information / proof that I have actually been doing something.  I also had a few* photos to upload to the computator from Kid Canaveral’s Christmas Baubles, some of which can be found here.

The main lesson I have learned from this book so far is that I can’t draw, work and sleep – there aren’t enough hours in the day.  Still, they say sleep is for the weak…**

*couple of hundred.  I did not upload them all, as many were poor.

** who are ‘they’? And what on earth were they thinking?! I’m awful without sleep.  Night night.

Interview: John Allison

I am mixing things up a bit and putting this week’s guest post up today.  After all, if you can’t go a little crazy at Christmas, you might as well be a lobster (or other secular life form / member of a non-Christian religion).  Also I had quite a manic weekend so I haven’t drawn anything…

Please put your hands together for the very talented web comicker John Allison, creator of Bad Machinery and Scary Go Round.

John Allison
image by @deadlyknitshade

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…I went up Arthur’s Seat today instead of writing a post.  My bad.  There are some photos on Flickr you can look at if you want.

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