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The Sphere (November’s Pictonaut Challenge)

We are now into the third month of Glempy’s Pictonaut Challenge, and what a month it is.  I don’t know what this is a picture of, and I don’t darn well even care, but I wrote a short story about it anyway.  I look forward to reading your one.

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Interview: Weaponizer

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This week’s guest post is an interview with the editor of online magazine Weaponizer (and general polymath) Bram E. Gieben, also known on the internet as Texture

He spoke to me about SF, online publishing and making a terrible discovery about Grant Morrison…

Can you describe Weaponizer for anyone that hasn’t come across it before?

Weaponizer publishes fiction online in several forms – flash fiction (stories under a thousand words), short stories (1000 – 8000 words), serial fiction (ongoing stories of novel or novella length), and webcomics. We also publish nonfiction articles and essays on everything from film to music to the occult.

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Bamboccioni Books

Sometimes when I’m not writing novels, I do short stories and flash fiction as well.  I’ve been doing this for as long as I can remember, not for any particular purpose or audience, and the stories pop up on my personal blog when you least expect it.

Anyway a few months ago, I got an email from a friend of a friend, asking if I’d write one for him.

“I’m part of a team of recent graduates who have interned at various UK publishers, but are struggling to break into the industry due to shortage of jobs and high number of applicants for few junior positions,” he explained.  That’s a story we all know by now…

Rather than give up, they decided to try their hand at small-scale publishing. The result is a company called Bamboccioni Books, and their first short story collection should be coming out next month.  And my story is going to be in it, in print and everything, which is rather exciting, although since OKing the proof I’ve thought of several changes I’d make if I was writing it again…  But such is life.

I’m not sure of the exact release date but will keep you posted.  In the meantime you should probably check out their website.

Flash Fiction

100 word story on the writing process:

The halogen heater of Korean extraction was slowly but inexorably melting her shins as she tapped out her search terms, first into Google, then the less popular Alta Vista.  Perhaps she should have visited the library, but it was snowing again and her trainers were wet and cold from previous excursions on the ice.

“Fevers in ancient Rome,” she wrote, turning up eight trillion pages about Malaria and an ancient goddess named Febris – not to be confused with the cleaning product, Febreze.  But what did Caligula’s sister, the enigmatic Julia Drusilla, actually die of?  No one knows for sure.

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