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Edinburgh Book Festival2011

Book Bloggers Unite

Do you like books?  Do you like blogging?  Then why not come to a book blogger meet up as part of the Edinburgh book festival?  Bethany Anderson is here to tell us more…

As Scots, we’re used to being left out. America has it all, and England (or London, anyway) has quite a few. But book blogger events in Scotland? Naw.

Scotland may only be wee, and OK there aren’t millions of us, but that’s no reason that we shouldn’t do something. Since no one else was, I have taken it upon myself to gather together some bookish types in Scotland.

What better place and time than the Edinburgh International Book Festival? On Thursday August 18th, book bloggers are invited to meet just outside Charlotte Square Gardens at 7.30pm (if we meet outside the entrance then we won’t be in everyone’s way).

The idea is to get to know each other – where do you blog? Why? Let’s share hilarious blogger anecdotes – like that one time you read that crap book, or the one time when someone spammed your blog, or that one time (or several) where you got drunk and did x, y, or z. I believe this is also known as socialising.

We can meet, grab a drink, meander round the gardens and pester some fellow bookish buddies. Then, at 9, if the feeling takes us, we can take a peek at the Unbound event or go for a drink elsewhere – whatever out blogger hearts want!

Hopefully, some fun times will be had and some friendships made. At least everyone should have a new blog to look at! Who knows? Maybe we’ll bump into each other more often during the festival!

Bethany Anderson is a writer who blogs about books at  She tweets as @subtlemelodrama.

Writing Science Fiction

You probably know the drill by now, dear reader.  It is the first of the month, so I am discarding book 7 like an old belt with no buckle and beginning afresh on book 8, my Sci-Fi opus.

I was provocatively poor at science in school, sitting Standard Grade Physics and Chemistry for no real reason that I can recall (I think most of my friends were doing it) and wishing later that I’d done Biology instead because at that level it seemed to involve a lot of writing, something I am good at, as opposed to learning equations, something I am bad at.  For this reason you will not be getting a hard sci fi book out of me, because any attempts to be technical will be about as convincing as John Yates in front of the Select Committee.  Furthermore I have the eternal lack of research problem, which always makes avoiding cliches a challenge.  Still, I haven’t let it stop me any other month and I shall persevere this time too. Continue reading “Writing Science Fiction”

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