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Interview: The Night Light

In today’s guest post I talk to Ben Godfrey and Nathan Connolly, some of the team behind The Night Light, an online arts magazine based in the fair city of Manchester.  Read on to find out about funding (or lack of), what they look for in submissions, and doing it yourself.

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The Great Kindle Challenge: Day 1

So here I am, poised and ready to enjoy reading a book on the kindle.  I have been prepped so I know it is NOT a touch screen device; you turn the pages by pressing buttons.  It’s basically like living in the olden days, technology wise.  Remember buttons? They were fun, weren’t they.  Although sometimes you used to get things stuck under them – bits of cake, usually, or foliage – and then you had to prise them off with a nail file or a straightened out paper clip to get the stuff out.  They went back on OK but they were never really the same again. Continue reading “The Great Kindle Challenge: Day 1”

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