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#WIP – The Highrises

With no idea of how far up flat 159 would be, I pressed the button for the top floor and waited.  It took a few moments for the lift to creak into life, and when it did there was a horrible crunching of gears before it juddered asthmatically upwards.  I’d never been more grateful to live in a bungalow.

#WIP – The Golden Nugget?

In the past few minutes I’ve mostly been describing Victor’s local, and wondering whether to call it ‘The Golden Nugget’ in tribute to Salty’s Gold by Will Parr…

The bar itself is old and worn, and usually slightly sticky. It’s not that surprising really; I’ve seen the rag they use to clean the thing with. Minging. Most of the varnish has rubbed off, there are nicks in the wood from where altercations involving blades have occurred, and you can see grooves where the elbows of the regulars have rested over the years.

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