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A Few Thoughts On Freelancing

There are moments in life – say a Tuesday morning when you left your freelance writer partner in bed listening to The News Quiz whilst you went off to work – when you wonder if you’ve made bad choices. Not about the partner, who is a delight, but about giving up on freelancing in favour of a job that actually pays you something.

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Never Read The Reviews

It is the style in the blogosphere around this time to reflect on the previous year and to take lessons from it, instead of just using New Year’s Eve to wipe it all and start again like a normal person. Still, far be it from me to miss a chance to write a treatise on the year that was. I can moralise with the best of them, I’ve read Thomas Hardy. Mainly so you don’t have to (unless you’re a 12 year old girl, in which case you might enjoy the melodrama). Continue reading “Never Read The Reviews”


Slightly too long for a #WIP (a thing on Twitter where you post 140 characters worth of a work in progress to get feedback) so thought I would post it here.

Just heard that my order to let Sextus Papinius go was somehow misconstrued as “execute him.”  Honestly, communications in this place are a nightmare. I’m not being racist, but I think it’s because there are slaves from all over the empire and frankly a lot of their Latin is absolutely appalling.  Anyway, long story short, Papinius is no more.

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