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Not All Mandrills

On the fourth day of Christmas, this blog gives to thee – a comic strip based on a pretty poor pun. You’re welcome. Continue reading “Not All Mandrills”

28 Drawings Later – Days 5 and 6

Two in one again today. The first one isn’t technically a drawing I suppose, but never mind. It’s an experiment with the text from the story.

Day 5

And today’s effort is a set of quick character sketches for the youngest, prettiest daughter.  When you put ‘pretty’ into flickr or google image search you get a lot of loose waves and enormous eyes.  Combine this with my tendency to draw people in an overly cartoony style and this is the sort of thing you get.  I think this is exacerbated by using photos, so at some point this month I will endeavour to draw from life…  But not on this day.

Day 6 - The Daughter

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