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Getting Published

So you know how I spent yesterday banging on about how I don’t have any immediate publication plans, on account of nothing being  polished enough for human consumption? 

Well, last night I got an email saying a book I submitted a short story to, Beyond the Horizon, has now been printed and can be purchased from Amazon by discerning readers as of NOW.  Well, Monday past actually.  Sorry if that was misleading in any way, but in my defense short stories take a bit less re-writing than novels.

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A Pretty Picture

Further to my news that a short story I wrote is to be featured in Beyond the Horizon, a collection by Bamboccioni Books due out towards the end of July, I’ve been given permission to share the front cover with you. I think it’s rather lovely.  Makes me feel a little fraudulent though – my story is a bit silly and would probably be more in tune with a raggedy illustration by Quentin Blake.  Still, it makes me look good, so I’m not complaining!

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